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Images of beneficial groups 

This page allows you to click on an image of the beneficial group you are interested in for further images and specific information. 

For detailed images and diagnostics of pollinators and biosecurity threats please go to the PADIL website
Many thanks go to those contributing photos: Mr Vincent Antony; Ms Clare D’Alberto, University of Melbourne; Dr Michael Nash University of Melbourne; Mr David Paul former University of Melbourne; Dr David Sharley CAPIM; Dr Andrew Weeks, CESAR Consultants.  
Ants (Formicidae)
Predatory bug (Hemiptera)
Carabid or ground beetle (Carabidae)
Earwig (Dermaptera)
Predatory fly (Diptera)
Lacewing (Neuroptera)
Ladybird beetle (Coccinellidae)
Predatory mite (Acarina)
Spider (Araneae)
Rove beetle (Staphylinidae)
Parasitoid wasp (Hymenoptera)
Other natural enemies

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